zsmb's prog site


I'm a Computer Engineering (or Engineering Information Technology, there isn't one clear English translation) student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics since the fall of 2014, and I made this site in order to be able to share my programming projects with anyone who might be interested.

Please keep in mind that I started programming when I started university - I know that some of the code I put up isn't great (especially the older projects).

This site also serves as a practice of web development (Apache, HTML, CSS, etc.) that I only knew the very basics of before making it. Any feedback on the site or any of my projects is highly appreciated - see the sidebar for contacts.


Here are some credits for things I use on this site.


You are free to take any of the code you find on this site for non-commercial use (you can not hand in any of it as homework), but only do so on your own responsibility. You're probably better off writing most of these things yourself.


Recommended browsers

Known issues

Microsoft Edge

  • css blur filters aren't supported, projects page looks a bit messed up

Mozilla Firefox 39

  • sometimes a vertical scrollbar appears (seems to be an image resizing issue)

Internet Explorer 11

  • has both of the above issues