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I've released a match 3 game on PC that has no mouse support.  I've released a match 3 game on PC that has no mouse support. That's really the best I can explain it. If you need more than that, there's  this video you can check out to learn more about the original game.


So... It's a match 3 game. You can swap neighbouring gems and if you end up with 3 in a row or column, you get points and they disappear. All the other gems then all into the empty places, and new ones come in from the top to fill the board.

While I'm a little late with this release for Christmas, this is this year's winter project, if not for anything else, then because of the original game and the background of this one. You can check out last year's Christmas project  here.

Creative Commons credits

Sounds used are all from  freesound.org, by the following users:

Music used is  A Himitsu - Adventures by Argofox.

Background image is  Blue Winter Texture by Rachael Towne.


The game has a few dependencies that have to be in the same folder as the executable for it to run.

  • 22267__zeuss__the-chime.wav
  • 142608__autistic-lucario__error_-12.wav
  • 242501__gabrielaraujo__powerup-success.wav
  • A Himitsu - Adventures [Argofox].mp3
  • bg.jpg (you should be able to change this without breaking anything, if you want to)
  • help.txt
  • Inconsolata.otf

The controls for the game are fairly straightforward, and are displayed in the menu.


It's back to C++ for this one, for the convenience of using SDL for low level graphics drawing as well as the ease of managing the board with a 2-dimensional array of pointers.

I've reused the general purpose components from my  Tetris project for rendering fonts and playing sounds. I needed some additional functionality in the SoundPlayer and MusicPlayer classes, so the versions included below are slightly newer than the ones in the other project. My next effort will probably be making all three of these components more feature rich and easy to use.

Overall development wasn't too difficult as I'm already quite familiar with everything I've used here, but it was good practice. There was a lot of time spent on looking for free music though. You may not like what I ended up with (but I had to stop looking at some point), so I've added a very easy way to turn the music off.


Downloading the zip file that contains the executable results in a warning (at least in Chrome) as a security measure, but you can choose to "Keep" it.


Update: added an optimized version that doesn't show logs ingame, which should run better on slower machines. If you have issues before getting ingame, that's still to be fixed, unfortunately.

Name Description Size Date
match.zip Windows executable with all dependencies and assets 11.1 MB 2015.12.28.
match_opt.zip Full Windows version optimized for slower machines 11.1 MB 2015.12.31.
match.tar.gz Linux project with Makefile, SDL2_gfx and assets 9.42 MB 2015.12.27.
match_sources.zip All source files of the project 12 KB 2015.12.27.
match_assets.zip Required text and audio files 9.38 MB 2015.12.27.